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Idle Drifters Guild Charter
Idle Drifters Guild Charter
Be sure to read this before applying to the guild! This charter will give you an idea of what we're about, our expectations of our members, and what you can expect from us.

Golden Rules:
1. Be awesome to one another (Both guild members and non-members)

2. Don't be an arsehole (OoC, IC is up to you)

3. It is up to you to decide your level of commitment. Guildies will never have RP or Raid quotas to fill.

1. No guild member will be removed for inactivity for up to three months. If you are planning on being away for more than three months, members are asked to post on the forums to keep the guild, guild officers, etc. in the loop. Communication is very important to us.

2. All new members will enter the guild on trial status. This allows the new members and the guild time to see if we mesh well.

3. Previous members removed due to inactivity just need to get in touch with an officer to be invited back to the guild.

Alt Characters:
1. While we are more than happy to invite alts to the guild, we ask that members be aware of how many characters they bring in, and speak to officers if they plan on bringing in more than 3 characters. Alt characters should be labeled under guild notes, so we know which characters belong to which players.

2. We may ask that players remove alts that they have not touched in a number of months, but will welcome any removed alts back should they become a more active character.

Ranks, Promotions, etc.:
1. Guild ranks are as follows:

Trial member
Guild member (and various joke ranks)
Guild Officer
Guild Leader

2. Promotions within the guild to new ranks (not joke ranks) will be based on the needs of the guild. Should more officers be needed, a note will be made on the guild site about how to apply. Officers will be selected based on several factors, including: positive attitude, participation in guild events, willingness to assist others (in and out of the guild), participating socially in chat, etc.

3. Demotions and removal are rare, but contributing factors include: prolonged inactivity, lack of participation in general, poor attitude, lack of willingness to assist others, and any misconduct or complaints.

Guild Chat and Curse:
1. Be respectful of one another. Please be aware that others may have different opinions or views than your own. Simply agree to disagree and avoid topics that you cannot remain civil about.

2. When in Curse, please try not to speak over one another. Take a breath now and then, and give everyone a chance to speak or voice their opinion.

3. Guild chat and Curse are both, unless otherwise noted by the poster, considered to be OOC.

Guild Events:
1. Scheduled guild and alliance events will be posted on the forums as well as the guild calendar, which can be found on the home page. Please RSVP via the calendar, but feel free to use the forums for feedback. While not every event needs to be signed up for, please do so when you can, as it gives the event coordinators a better idea of how many members they should plan for.

Signing up as a “Maybe” means you’re not sure if you can make it.
Signing up as a “Yes” means you will be there. If things change, please try to change your
status or write a note on the event to let the creator(s) know.
Signing up as a “No” means you cannot make it for whatever reason.
(Other obligations, work, hanging out with friends, you just need a “you” night, etc.)

2. The Calendar will be open to all guild members, so feel free to use it to organize and plan events, be they RP events, PvE events (such as dungeon runs, adventures, etc.), or PvP events.

Guild Bank:
1. Please remember that you take some, you leave some. You may take now, but it's always proper to at least give back at a later date or when you can.

2. Place items in the proper tab. This is important as it allows people to properly search the bank, and helps keep it clean.

3. Stack items if there are doubles or more.

4. Please be sure that gear and runes placed in the guild bank are useful. Gear below level 50 should generally be left out of the guild bank, as there are numerous guild members who can craft better gear for leveling players or alts.

5. Please speak to an officer if you see a piece of gear that you could use, or if you need an Amp/ability point, or anything on the Gear tab.

6. DO NOT raid the guild bank simply for things to sell. If you take something, we expect you to use it, as well as to put something back of equal value in time. DON'T BE A DICK.

In Game (RP, PvE, PvP):
1. We expect members to be helpful, courteous and kind to one another.

2. We expect members to play at a level they are comfortable at, and expect members to realize that there are multiple ways to play this game that we all enjoy. Please do not tell others how to play, and only offer constructive criticism when asked for feedback.

3. Work together as a team, to ensure that everyone has fun, and has a chance to shine.

4. Please avoid using bugs, glitches, or exploits. Doing so not only damages our reputation, but can put you in danger of administrative action by both the guild officers and the Devs.

5. We have a zero-tolerance policy for engaging in explicit content (ERP, character art or descriptions with harmful content) with minors. Doing so is grounds for immediate removal from the guild, as well as reporting to the proper authorities.

Ranks and Responsibilities:

Guild LeaderCal
The Guild Master is ultimately responsible for the day-to-day runnings of the guild, forum management, recruiting, guild relations, and more. It is the job of the guild leader to ensure that things run smoothly, and that people feel that they are a part of something positive. The guild leader keeps the bank organized with the assistance of the officers, so that others can find what they need, and makes sure items are in their respective tabs. The GM also watches the logs to see what kind of banking activity the guild has, and notes suspicious behavior. The guild master has the final say in any decisions regarding members' status, and helps facilitate officers and their positions.

Guild Officer Amarissa, Charlie, Ira, Remarus, Tiresia
Officers fill various roles including: forum and chat management, recruiting, guild relations, bank organization, being a community ambassador, and the general day-to-day specifics of running a guild. They often act as liaison between guild members and the guild leader, when the lead is unavailable, and between the guild and the community as a whole. Guild officers also ensure that guild chats are kept pleasant and comfortable for all those involved, and work to make sure that everyone has fun.

Both the Guild leader and the guild officers are here to serve you. Our job is to make sure the guild runs smoothly, and that everyone feels that they are welcome.


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