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#13308565 Jun 19, 2017 at 05:13 PM
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Hey everyone,
Ranyr/Fox/whatever name I introduced myself to you by speaking. Just a couple points I wanted to leave out because I'm not sure who's been around in chat when I've popped in to ramble, but I wanted to put some stuff out just so everyone is in the know.

First point is that I'm aware that my activity level has been kinda rubbish as of late. Main hiccup as of January-ish was coming back from one con and settling into a schedule of working two jobs where one of them was an entirely unpredictable schedule. That predominantly has been why I haven't been doing a lot of stuff with everyone. Cause between work, sleep and functioning responsibilities, I just haven't been able to get time together. Other time killer the past couple months has been that I've basically been in cosplay crunch mode. Not sure how many people know, but I'm in that category of nerd that dresses up for conventions. I have my annual vacation from reality coming up on the 30th and still have about 2~3 costumes to make. So much of my free time is being spent sewing and shaping foam into armor/cybernetic limbs/both. Also giving myself low-grade electric shocks from not wiring my inverters properly.

Second point. I ain't going anywhere. While my activity's been moot, figure after this con, I do plan to start doing things with you lovely folks again. My work schedule as of late has normalized and I'm only working one job now. Split shifts on a few days to make ends meet, but it's all under one company where I won't have to worry about having only four hours of time between when one shift ends and I get up for the next. For the record, that's a pain and I know a few of you have experienced this pain.

So yeah. I wanted to thank you guys for putting up with my lurking so far and I'll be around more often in probably two and a half-ish weeks. Otherwise, you're welcome to message me via twitch, though I may be a little slow to respond.

Cheers and I'll catch you later!
#13316855 Jun 24, 2017 at 04:20 PM
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