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>Name: Leos Verosh

>Species: Mordesh

>Gender: Male

>Age: 23

>Class: Stalker

>Path: Scientist

>Overview: A timid yet well-meaning scientist, Leos seeks to catalog and study the mysterious lifeforms created on Nexus.

>Physical Description: Leos can be easily defined by his lanky and tall figure, piercing green eyes, and his necrotic grey flesh. Any hair that he has left has been slicked back and held with metal plates lining his forehead. Like all Mordesh, he's constantly being pumped with vitalus through his neck, wrists, legs, and abdomen. However, one area in particular is his chin, where four vials are protruding outwards.

>Aesthetics: Although he enjoys art and literary works, Leos takes them at face-value, rather than wanting to spend the time for a deeper meaning. One of the few places that comforted him wasn't a living room with a cozy sofa and the warm embrace of a fire, but the cold and desolate loneliness of laboratories.

>Personality Profile: To put it bluntly, Leos isn't one for big groups or a multitude of unfamiliar faces. He can become incredibly nervous, fumbling over his words every now and then. His sense of humor doesn't help, as it's rather dark and unsavory, leaving him as the sole person to laugh at the jokes. If he feels as though he greatly offended someone, Leos is quick to apologize, even if it could be for the smallest of accidents.

Like all Mordesh, Leos started his life in Grismara, and eventually took an interest in scientific studies sometime during his adolescence. He looked up to his father the most, a doctor who didn't use his alchemical knowledge to create elixirs and potions, but to study how the biological processes of the native wildlife worked under certain stimuli. Before the outbreak of the Contaigon, his father was scheduled to travel to Cassus for a lecture about how Mechari soul-cores are able to act like a variety of organs for the robotic beings. Leos would simply tag along, with his mother convinced that it wouldn't be a recreational visit, but instead an educational one. Told to wait inside his father's laboratory, which acted like a basement for his childhood home, Leos absent-mindedly started reading the notes strewn about the room while his father was preparing for the trip.

The ghastly events that were about to unfold would shake him, as well as other Mordesh, for the rest of their lives. The Everlife Elixir was only recently consumed by the family, but the side-effects quickly came. A shrill scream from his sister was soon heard, prompting Leos to peek out from the safety of the lab. He witnessed his sister being cannibalized by their parents, now bearing crimson skin and pure white eyes. Frightened for his life, Leos quickly shut the laboratory doors and barricaded them with anything he could. He hid in a nearby closet, making room by taking out any equipment he could remove by himself. He eventually passed out, exhausted from the rather rapid change.

Salvation eventually came after what felt like ten years, but in reality, was ten hours. Gunshots and other various forms of combat could be heard. Leos kept his eyes closed, unwilling to open them, wishfully thinking that this was just a bad dream, and reality would return in the morning. He heard a masculine, yet robotic voice shouting "Check for survivors! I'll keep the area secure!" It was only mere seconds until he heard the doors burst open, with his admittedly flimsy barricade taking the brunt of the force. Leos felt dim light pour into the locker, and hearing a voice that said he was "barely alive." Feeling summon carry him, Leos eventually woke up to the sight of himself aboard a ship's medical bay. Unable to fathom everything on his own, the crew of Mordesh survivors and rebellious Cassians that wanted to help eventually explained what happened They even pointed out his new implants that were keeping him alive. Leos would never recall the names of everyone aboard the ship, but he would always treasure the memory of their faces.

Leos eventually grew to a mature age on that ship, as he and the crew made daring escapes from the Dominion, adopting it as part of his daily routine. His missing years of school were remedied by the ship's local scientists mentoring him in their ways. Leos could almost always be seen slaving away at his own work, only weaned away when someone reminded him to sleep or eat. When the ragtag group merged with Exiles heading towards Nexus, the rest, as they say, is history.

>Talents and weaknesses:
+ Always brings his scanbot wherever he goes, prepared to study anything that sparks his interest.
+ A dedicated worker.
- Almost too dedicated.
- Extremely nervous and apologetic.

>Motivations and goals: Curiosity is the only fuel Leos runs on, always wanting to be the first person to thoroughly examine something to solve its mysteries.
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